T he GMC mainly participate in rock climbing and rock climbing-related activities on the Island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands (Small group of islands between England and France). It’s members also participate in other mountaineering-related activities whenever they get the chance.

The club has grown over the past few years and the two fairly new climbing walls on Guernsey have led to an increase in the popularity of the sport and awareness of the local club.

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Grendel’s Mother

After a number of session where more time was spent carrying mats than trying the problem, Chris and I finally sent the highball problem at Fort Le M.

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Crocodile Racer

It took a few sessions and some understanding spotters but I final managed to do my project at Rousse which has become “Crocodile Racer” a three star

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The Knife

Nathan and I made the most of a spring tide by heading out to the “Knife”. A new bouldering venue just off the West Coast.

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