South Coast - Le Bigard Le Bigard Stack

Le Bigard Stack area

Le Bigard Stack area

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Carpark location







Below are links to topos of the climbs at Le Bigard Stack:

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Topo A

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Topo B

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Topo C

Routes on this crag

Nester’s Crack 14m (46ft)

The cracks 6 feet right of Swing’in in the Rain.

Swing’in in the Rain 12m (39ft)

Start in the centre of the wall, at the right hand end of a thin channel. Climb the crack-line which trends slightly left, then over a bulge.

Dark Secret  21m (69ft)

Start just to the left, before the arête. Climb a juggy intermittent crack line to a scoop at 25 feet, then over the bulge.

Le Bigard Ar’te 23m (75ft)

Start around the arête, below a triangular overhang at 30 feet. Gain a ledge at 6 feet (hard). Move up to the overhang, climb this near its…

Spirit of the Age 23m (75ft)

An excellent line. Start at a small open corner 12 feet left of the arête. Climb this to a groove system at 20 feet. Follow this around…

Sarcophagus 20m (66ft)

Start 12 feet to the left. Climb up to a horizontal undercling at 20 feet. Move over the bulge above this (crux) to good jugs. Follow a…

The Roaring Silence 20m (66ft)

To the left is a black overhang at head height. Turn this on the right and gain a stance at 15 feet. Climb direct through two bulges…

Damnation Alley 21m (69ft)

Climb direct through the centre of the overhang, then continue up to the large bulge. Climb this via the thin crack.

Blinded By The Light  20m (66ft)

Start at the left hand end of the overhang. Trend slightly leftward to the left hand end of the skyline bulge.

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