Tom Smart

President – Steve Le Feuvre
The President is the big cheese, and presides over the committee and club to ensure everything runs smoothly and the GMC’s best interests are maintained. The President also produces a brief annual report for the membership, presented at the AGM.

Secretary – Tom Fitzhenry
The Secretary works alongside the President and is responsible for correspondence, membership records and maintaining/distributing minutes of Club meetings.  The Secretary keeps records about the Membership of the GMC and reports this to the BMC.

Martin Smith

Treasurer – Laura Gordon
The Treasurer records all the incomings and outgoings of the club and manages payments. They ensure that all wall fees and membership fees are paid. At the end of the year, the treasurer also produces a brief report at the AGM on the financial position of the club.

Quartermaster – Barney Hammon
The Quartermaster looks after all the club kit and assets that are available to club members. He records condition and use logs, and advises on when club gear needs to be retired or replaced. The quartermaster is responsible for getting the kit to the venue each week (although this responsibility is sometimes shared).

Nicky Pledger

Youth Liaison Officer – Steve Dorrity
The Youth Liaison Officer is responsible for acting as the GMC representative for Child Protection issues. The Youth Liaison Officer keeps up to date with current procedures relating to Child Protection and helps to maintain the GMC’s capability to offer climbing and mountaineering experiences to under 18s.

Steve Dorrity

Training Officer – Thomas Falla / David Richings
The Training Officer is responsible for managing the training of new members and delegating responsibilities between club members where appropriate for instructing new members or existing members wishing to increase their skills and knowledge.

Social Secretary – Claire Le Noury /Steph Le Cheminant
The social secretary has the critical role of organising the social activities for the club. Responsibilities involve booking venues and pulling together as many members as possible for the activities…

Cave Secretary – Andrew Charnley

General committee member – Ben Francis