South Coast - Icart Point Central Platforms

Routes on this crag

Lemmings 14m (46ft)

Just right of the overhanging arête is a rightward leaning corner.

Jayne  14m (46ft)

The slabby corner 6 feet to the right.

To The Bat Cave 10m (33ft)

See topo in the ‘New Routes / Guide Book Corrections / Access Updates’ section of

Arrow 15m (49ft)

Start from the right hand side of the pool. Follow the cement like groove through a bulge to finish up a short chimney.

Kissing The Pink 15m (49ft)

The groove 10 feet to the right.

Frost Nip 15m (49ft)

The vague arête 10 feet to the right.

Frost Nip Variation 15m (49ft)

Move right and follow the cracks on the face.

Sour Grapes 20m (66ft)

Start down and to the right by a pool. Climb a crack to a ledge at 10 feet. Move left on a big jug then rightward to…

Creve Coeur 20m (66ft)

The vertical crack system just to the right.

Wilson’s corner  14m (46ft)

The pink corner 15 feet to the right.

Corderie  14m (46ft)

The slab and bulge just to the right.

Videclin 11m (36ft)

To the right is an easy gully. The arête to the right is pleasant.

Reunion 12m (39ft)

Some 20 feet left of Comfortably Numb is a corner which is broken looking in its upper part. Climb 12 feet up the corner, move 6 feet…

Comfortably Numb 12m (39ft)

The open scarred corner on the left, moving rightward after 25 feet.

No Sense, No Feeling 12m (39ft)

Start as for Comfortably Numb, then move up and left along a crack. Finish up the wall above.

Fatal Attraction 12m (39ft)

A good eliminate between Comfortably Numb and Wings Of A Dove. Follow the thin crack above green slime to the top.

Wings Of A Dove 12m (39ft)

The corner 15 feet to the right.

Amputation 12m (39ft)

The bulges and obvious overhang to the right.

The Hooker 12m (39ft)

The arête right of the roof of Amputation. Start just right of a small rock pool on the black band. Climb directly up to an overhang, make…

Uppercut 12m (39ft)

Start down and to the right by more green slime. Climb up to a small roof which is just right of an arc of coral like rock.…