Routes on this crag

The Sleuth 21m (69ft)

Follow the slab with an awkward move over the abyss where it peters out.

Central Crack 14m (46ft)

The obvious right to left crack beneath the sloping overhang and through the apex of the roof on the wall left of Nermal.

Biarritz 14m (46ft)

Climb the corner a few feet to the right, then follow a thin crack.

High Steppa 12m (39ft)

Start 15 feet right of the right hand of the detached boulder where there is a green jammed boulder. Gain a small ledge on the vague arête,…

Common Sense  14m (46ft)

Start 15 feet to the right at the end of the gully which separates the two stacks. Climb the arête.

Colonel Mustard 17m (56ft)

Start at the foot of the slab. Follow it for 20 feet, then climb a short bulge to gain a lichenous groove. Follow this.

Nermal 21m (69ft)

A recommended route. Start on the slab left of the cave. Climb up and right to a prominent prow at 15 feet. Move up and right to…

Nonsense 12m (39ft)

From the foot of the arête traverse right for 6 feet, then climb the bulging corner.

Senseless 12m (39ft)

The corner a few feet right of Nonsense.

New Worlds  12m (39ft)

The overlap above the venus pool at the left hand end of the face.

The Underworld  12m (39ft)

The overlap just right of New Worlds.

Rogue’s Gallery 12m (39ft)

Climb the wall and overlap 5 feet right again.

The Godfather 12m (39ft)

Start at the foot of the rightward trending crack at the right hand end of the face. Climb directly through a triangular recess.

Close Encounter  12m (39ft)

Follow the rightward trending crack and finish up a short slab.

Softly, Softly 17m (56ft)

Climb the crack to the corner, then trend leftward along an obvious crack.

The Lost Cord 18m (59ft)

Start 10 feet down and left of the crack. Climb a small overhang to a short and steep corner, then gain the large ledge on the left.…

Fool’s Mate  23m (75ft)

Climb the thin right ward trending crack up the slab to a ledge. Move 5 feet right along this, then climb direct to the top.

Gambit 21m (69ft)

Climb the crack as for Fool’s Mate and at its top trend up and slightly left to a small bulge. Finish over this.

Stalemate 20m (66ft)

Climb the wide crack on the left by a variety of thrutching techniques.

Javelin Ar’te 20m (66ft)

5 feet left of the foot of the wide crack is a narrow face with thin cracks. Climb the cracks until the wall steepens, then move onto…

The Broken Lance  20m (66ft)

Below Javelin Arête is an overhang. Climb to this from the groove below, then step left into a groove with twin cracks. Climb these.

Skirmish  23m (75ft)

Climb direct up the slab and juggy wall just left of The Broken Lance.

War Machine 23m (75ft)

Left of the slab of Skirmish is a rock pool. Start from a ledge above the left hand end of the pool. Climb direct up the wall…

Cavalry Groove  23m (75ft)

From the left hand end of the pool follow a corner which leads to the ledge of War Machine. Step left and up into a narrow corner…

The Retreat  21m (69ft)

The groove 6 feet to the left and above a circular pool.

The Scoop  21m (69ft)

Start a few feet up and to the left by a smaller circular pool. Climb direct to a scooped out ledge and finish direct.

Headlines  20m (66ft)

From the first block step onto the slab and move up to a ledge at 8 feet. Mover rightward along an overlap, then climb up just before…

Paladin 20m (66ft)

Start from the second block. Climb the steep slab by a series of small rightward facing layaway edges.

Edgeway  20m (66ft)

Start just left of the block and climb up just right of the arête.

Cossack Wall 11m (36ft)

The small stack opposite has an obvious crack on its landward side. Climb this and the unprotected red face direct.

Stratasfear  49m (161ft)

First free ascent of Stratasfear

Stratasfear  42m (138ft)

Hall of Worriers 43m (141ft)

1 – 60 feet, 5b. Start from the highest point of the ledge. Move right beneath a bulge and make a committing layback to gain a small…

Hall of Worriers Direct 24m (79ft)

The original re-climbed (after rockfall) and finished direct; consistent like this and bold throughout. Start at the left-hand end of the half-height ledge. Climb strenuously up a…

Fingerburn 21m (69ft)

Fingery and intense climbing low down. The small-wire protection is adequate (but only if you can hang around to get it in!). Start from the centre of…