South Coast - L'Angle Gull Cliff

Routes on this crag

Screech 18m (59ft)

A good route. Follow the crack up the face.

Consigliori 14m (46ft)

A poorly protected excursion up the arête left of Easy Route.

Easy Route  14m (46ft)

The descent corner.

Satisfaction  18m (59ft)

10 feet right of Struggling is a groove with an overhang and slab near the top. Climb the groove and slab and finish up the short wall.

L’Angle Wangle 18m (59ft)

Gain the sloping ledge at 5 feet, left of L’Angle Dangle, then move up to the small triangular roof at 6 metres. Climb the short groove above…

A Walk on the Wild Side 18m (59ft)

Climb the hairline crack in the centre of the slab right of Satisfaction. Continue up to a ledge right of the overhanging prow, then make an awkward…

Raider  12m (39ft)

The corner system immediately right of the chimney entrance.

Cleavage 18m (59ft)

A nice climb to get to grips with. 20 feet to the right is a shallow chimney. Climb easily up this, move up and left to a…

Grope  21m (69ft)

Climb steep easy rock to the right of Cleavage. At the overhang (where Cleavage traverses left) traverse right, then exit up poorer rock as for Larus Neuroticus.

Larus Neuroticus 18m (59ft)

Start at the jammed boulder by the chimney mouth to the right. Climb boldly to a red speckled corner, avoid on the right. Continue up a bulge…

Ac-ac Pi-pi 20m (66ft)

Start by the left of the two chimneys. Above the chimney is a corner with thin white seams of quartz on the right wall. Climb the corner…

Tears for Fears 20m (66ft)

Good climbing, dubious protection: not high in its grade. 6 feet right of Ac-ac Pi-pi is a blocky groove (unclimbed). Start 6 feet right of this, where…

Agrophobia 18m (59ft)

Start 20 feet to the right beneath an overhanging corner. Climb the finger crack on the left wall, then move left to a small slab. Climb a…

Initial  17m (56ft)

A better route, same start. Climb the corner, then the lichenous slab on the right to a ledge. Finish up the corner right of the overhang.

Blockbuster 21m (69ft)

Start as for The Howling. Climb to the overhang, avoid on the right. Move up and left to a groove directly above the overhang. Climb this, move…

The Howling 21m (69ft)

Start by the grassy gully to the right. Climb a groove to and overhang at 15 feet. Move left to avoid this (crux), trend up and left…

The Worst Route in Guernsey 21m (69ft)

The gully right of Blockbuster.

Sandstorm 21m (69ft)

Start from a ledge overlooking the gully. Trend up left 20 feet, then climb a series of narrow corners and grooves to the top.

Breaking Glass  17m (56ft)

Start at the corner 20 feet right to the right. The left wall if the corner is capped by a large overhang. Climb step like holds, over…

Incrap  17m (56ft)

Start at the obvious chimney just to the right. Climb this over chockstones, exit direct. Very poor.

Jungle Rock 28m (92ft)

Start at the left hand side of the cliff just before the vegetated slab (Munchkin Madness). Climb the crack at the right hand side of the detached…

Munchkin Madness 25m (82ft)

Climbs the slab at the left hand end of the upper tier. Climb over shattered rock then follow a small leftward facing corner to finish left of…

L’Angle Dangle 18m (59ft)

Climbs the left wall of the capped chimney. Climb 10 feet up the easy slab, then left up a short corner. Gain the sloping ledge above, move…

Satisfaction Variation  18m (59ft)

Climb the arête just to the right, then traverse left beneath the final overhang.

Struggling 15m (49ft)

Immediately to the right is a corner leading to a slab and bulge. Serious.

Scuttlefish  14m (46ft)

The arête just to the right.

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