South Coast - Mont Herault Subsidiary Gully

Routes on this crag

Kraken 12m (39ft)

Climb the short clean corner.

Twilight Zone 18m (59ft)

Start as for The Elevator. Move up and rightward for 7 feet, then climb directly up the wall past a short vertical channel to a small ledge.…

The Elevator 17m (56ft)

Start as for La Clameur, then climb directly up the wall to The Escalator ledge. Move over a knobbly bulge to a thin, almost horizontal crack, and…

Fanfare 18m (59ft)

The line of the wall. Technically not hard for the grade, but the lower wall is bold. Start 3 metres left of the ramp. Take a blind…

Busting Out All Over 18m (59ft)

A direct line up the golden face on the left; intimidating yet well protected. Climb leftwards over a grey bulge to a flake 6 metres up. Work…

Faced with Curious Islanders 15m (49ft)

The corner at the right hand end of the sloping terrace. Take the rather gravelly corner with athletic moves to exit. An easy crack (some poor rock)…

Guernsey’s Atomic Finger Flake 15m (49ft)

A fun pitch with good gear. Bridge up the ramp a few moves, swing left into a crack and layback over a hanging undercut flake above. Finish…

Singe d’Or 15m (49ft)

This route takes a central line up the golden topped wall opposite the black The Escalator cliff. Climb the steep slabby wall on the left until moves…

Kelp  15m (49ft)

A poor route up the higher tier of the gully. At the end of the main ledge is a ramp with prominent white streaks to the left.…

En Velo 15m (49ft)

Start at the foot of the ramp on Kelp. Climb gently overhanging cracks on the left until moves rightward gain a good ledge below an open corner/crack.…

Life’s a Drag 26m (85ft)

An enjoyable route up the chimney at the back of the gully. Start on the ledge above and right of the gully floor. Climb to a roof,…

Atrophie 21m (69ft)

20 feet right of the chimney is an overhanging crack and groove.

Dehus  23m (75ft)

The easier angled corner and bulge. Exit left.

The Escalator  25m (82ft)

A convenient escape. Make an awkward move to gain the obvious steps which trend rightwards across the wall to the top.

La Clameur de Haro 28m (92ft)

Start in the gully floor, and follow the leftwards trending crack until it runs out (ledge on the left). Gain the jagged ledge 12 feet higher, then…

La Clameur de Haro (Alternate Description) 28m (92ft)

This now more logically takes the crack from the large jammed boulder to the overhang. Take this on the right as before.

Come Back Bruce 18m (59ft)

Safe, after a committing start. 2 metres left of the ramp, gain a series of undercut flakes. A good pocket above enables a crack to be reached,…

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